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We Are Appealing the Master Use Permit for 3026875-LU

The SDCI are very likely to decide to grant the project at 3959 Fremont Ave N its master use permit (MUP), despite our objections and without any sort of acknowledgement of the problems the current design would create.
They claim that many of our concerns are not addressable at this stage of the process. Unfortunately, at the stage of the process where they are addressable there is no appeal after the decision is made.
So appealing the MUP is our only chance to prevent this nihilistic design from needlessly congesting our already overcrowded traffic peninsula.

We do not have the funds to hire a lawyer to represent us in that hearing, so we wil lbe representing ourselves and the rest of the neighborhood.
But we need guidance from a land use lawyer to help us craft our response. Please consider donating.

If we fail at this stage, then every single developer for the remaining LR3 sites will look at this precedent and learn that the city won’t ever force them to do the right thing for the neighborhoods they’re destroying.

Please consider donating to help pay our legal bills.