Coming Soon… Merch!

Soon you can show your love for our Upper Fremont neighborhood, and your support to protect its livablity, with fun merch!

A flock of Friends of Upper Fremont chickens are hatching plans for fun gear, like t-shirts and mugs, for us to show our Fremont colors. And… a cool new Upper Fremont inspired board game, “City Limits”, is in the works, to poke fun at the slippery as a banana peel ways of the Seattle Department of Construction & Inspections. It is sure to offer hours of fun to relieve the tedium of quarantining during a pandemic!

Check out a preview of the gear designs and City Limits board game below. If you are thinking. Yeah! I want one of those, stat!. Give us a shout. If you are a member of our discussion board, post a comment shout-out for the merch design you like. Or you can send your shout-out via email to our neighborhood outreach coordinator Susan (she emails the neighborhood updates), or send to

Preview of upcoming gear designs…


Preview of upcoming board game “City Limits”…